7 Reasons Why Mum Best Friends Are Amazing.

7 Reasons Why Mum Best Friends Are Amazing.

As mother’s, we all feel a little lonely sometimes. In the midst of nappies and vomit, snot and tears, we all dream of the days when we could pop to the shops with ease or drink coffee without it going cold. We all need a someone, a someone who understands, a someone who gets it. I’m lucky, I have my someone. Here’s a few reasons why having a Mum best friend is the best…

  • You can talk about your kids without being ‘boring’. They share your joy when your child eats something new, and they don’t squirm when you talk toilet training.
  • When your losing the plot they lose it with you. Been there, done that! We all lose the plot sometimes, over the simplest things. They get that all you need is a hug and a warm cuppa.
  • There’s no need to cringe. Genitalia, poo, puke… its all welcome here. No such thing as over-sharing.
  • They share your social life. Ice cream and jelly with a healthy dose of ‘let it go’ is how we like to ‘party’ these days.
  • There is always spares. Forgotten baby wipes? No problem. Out of snacks? It’s covered.
  • They’re your human calendar. Mum best friends are brilliant for reminding you that the 3D insect model you’ve been avoiding on the homework list is due, tomorrow.
  • Brutal honesty. They will tell you when your being ridiculous, and they won’t let you walk around with snot all over your shoulder.

But the best bit? They are going through or have been through exactly what you are. They’ve cried over spilt milk, felt totally helpless, totally alone, and totally out of control. Mum best friends are the friends that will fight for you, protect you, and share your journey. Mum best friends are one of life’s greatest treasures.

Why Mum Best Friends Are Amazing.

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