#DreamShed – Get Outdoors!

Most if not all kids love being outdoors, exploring nature and letting their imaginations run wild. My two are no different, they absolutely love playing in the garden and going to parks, beaches and other outdoors based days out.

Mia was challenged by Tiger Sheds to create her dream shed – a challenge we immediately accepted as she is a huge fan of colouring, drawing and designing! My little artist set to work immediately colouring in her template.


For Mia, a shed painted in all the colours of the rainbow would be a dream come true. She’d fill it with comfy cushions, fairy tale books, colouring pencils, paints, and all the paper in the world. She’d have the door wide open to let in the cool air and even invite wildlife in given the chance!


Mia’s dream shed would be her outdoor sanctuary, a place to relax. There’s no room for tools and machinery in our dream shed – it’s all about having an outdoor hideaway for us! She loved designing her shed, each window was coloured in a different colour, there was no pattern to her design but that’s just how she is – unpredictable but neat as a button.


Once she had finished designing her shed we set to work putting the template together – a job that was rather tricky! Luckily Nanny stepped in and before long we had a (reasonably) well put together shed template. I asked Mia what she’d have outside her dream shed and she told me she’d fill the area around her shed with pretty flowers and butterflies, she really would love a little outdoor girly area!

Astonishingly, 3/4 of children spend less time outdoors a day than a prison inmate. Weather permitting, I try to get my children outdoors as much as possible – it doesn’t need to be an expensive day out or an extravagant outdoor adventure day, a simple walk in the woods can work wonders for a child. Nature allows children to run free, burn off pent up energy and get dirty – much to a parents dismay!

Imaginative play is so important for children, role playing and creative activities such as drawing and painting can really help develop their imaginative skills. Why not take your children outdoors, collect leaves to make a leafy picture or splash in muddy puddles just like Peppa?

Give it a try, you won’t believe the benefits!

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  1. Bridie By The Sea 21st November 2016 / 9:31 pm

    This is such a fab idea and something we still do with my stepson (aged 12 yo) from time to time…it’s great to get kids to use their imagination and they always love the colouring. Looks like a wonderful shed! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam

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