Battling The Winter Itch – Advice For Eczema Sufferers During Winter.

For eczema sufferers, each season brings problematic skin in one way or another. For example, during the summer months Theo’s skin struggles in the heat and his constant allergic reaction’s to strong UV levels leaves his skin sore and tender. The season we struggle with the most is winter, the cold air not only effects his skin but his asthma too. It is mid October and already the sore cracked skin is making an appearance, the constant cough is now here to stay until February at the earliest…

As with every season, there are measures eczema sufferers can take to try and protect their delicate skin. Here are just a few to help you stay as itch free as possible over the coming months.


  • Everyone loves a Christmas jumper don’t they? More often than not, these are made from a wool/polyester mix, a HUGE no-no for eczema prone skin. Try and stick to cotton clothing where possible, 100% cotton thermal wear is available in most supermarkets.
  • Layer up! Try and wear a few different layers of clothing such as a vest top and cardigan, a layer can be added or removed easily to aid keeping your body at a constant reasonable temperature.
  • Up your moisturising regime – if you apply moisturiser 2 x a day, up your applications to 4 and so on… skin dry’s out far faster in the winter months than it does during summer months.
  • Catching the common cold is inevitable, even the slightest of winter bugs will compromise your immune system which is already working hard to protect you from germs. Eczema nearly always flares when a sufferer is unwell, so be sure to keep on top of your vitamin intake.
  • Keep hydrated – a hydrated body means hydrated skin.

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