This Is Eczema.

Eczema.  Many suffer with it, some only mildly, others severely.
Theo has suffered with eczema his whole life. Debilitating, painful, fully body eczema.

There is a huge difference between patches of dry skin and the discomfort and inflammation that comes with full-blown eczema. Theo will be 4 in May and although his eczema has improved greatly over the past year, we still battle daily with the remainder.

Even when his skin does not appear sore or rough, he still itches. Constantly. The irritation is so constant and aggravating that he will rub his skin against whatever he can whenever he can. I often find blood on his bedding from where he has scratched in his sleep, and I regularly catch him rubbing his wrists and feet against the sofa or carpet. It’s a vicious circle, it satisfies the itch momentarily but leaves his already delicate skin red raw and requiring treatment up to 5 x a day. 

He can’t participate in messy play activities, be exposed to harsh weather conditions for extended periods of time or even wear dressing up outfits for too long. Harsh chemicals and synthetic fibres cause immediate irritation. As his mother, I struggle with the reality that he can’t just be a child. I struggle with the fact that this is all he has ever known, that to him, being itchy is normal. He often sleeps with his hands between his legs, his way of trying to stop himself from clawing at his skin. It’s so sad to see.

The minute his sores are open they are at risk of infection. It’s a permanent battle to reduce the risks and limit the damage. We are currently dealing with open sores on his heels which at this time of year are particularly hard to control. Winter is the season that he struggles most in, the cold weather chaps his skin, but wrapping him up can cause just as much irritation.

Sometimes I just want to put him in a little bubble.

We are yet to find a product that suits his skin completely, that soothes the inflammation and reduces the pain. But we find Kokoso Baby coconut oil useful for the minor patches and I apply it as a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions. We are currently trialing a spray on emollient prescribed by the dermatologist and I’ll be sure to update here if this is the one that does the trick!

Kelly Robinson (Nature Mum Blog) has also found some relief from coconut oil, she says – ‘My daughter has eczema on her arms and back. She scratches until she bleeds. We have found the only relief to be coconut oil on every night before bed’.

So you see eczema is so much more than dry skin. It impacts the lives of sufferers and their families. It’s tears, its worry, its pain. Until you’ve lived it, you really have no idea.

Do you or does someone you love suffer with eczema? Do you have any product recommendations?



  1. Kelly 7th February 2017 / 8:58 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. Jacob has just been diagnosed with eczema. It’s not terrible at the moment, but I’m so worried about it getting worse. We’ve been given an emollient but I’m not convinced by it. If anything it seems to have gotten worse since we started using it! I might try the coconut oil.

  2. Mel 10th February 2017 / 1:14 am

    Oh poor little man… It’s important for you to raise awareness of what it’s really like though and I was feeling so sad for him when I saw your photo on FB (or was it Instagram?). Poor little mite. You should contact the National Eczema Society, there’s a section on their website where they share people’s stories. Others might find it helpful / comforting to read they’re not alone xxx

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