6 Ways I Encourage My Children To Read.

I’ve always loved reading, even now at 24 I enjoy curling up with a good book (when I get a chance). Mia is much the same, she adores reading and is excelling at it at school, for her nothing beats a good fairy-tale. Getting her to start reading wasn’t easy and with Theo it was even harder, he is nearly 4 and only recently began to show interest in books. Today I’m sharing my top tips for getting children interested in books and reading.

Make it fun!

Silly voices and animated facial expression’s whilst reading really help a child to engage with the story and the act of being read too.

Turn story time into a game. 

Treasure hunts are a great way to build excitement, all children love a prize and quality reading time with parents is cherished. If you have a slightly older child, use clues relating to the story, this will engage the child before they’ve even found the prize!

Consistency is key.

Stick to similar authors and illustrators. Mia is a huge fan of Julia Donaldson and loves Super-worm and The Gruffalo – once they develop an interest in a particular author or illustrator their love for reading will flourish and you can introduce similar books to try to grow their interest.

Let them choose.

You may want to read them your favorite story from your own childhood but your child’s tastes may be different to your own, I’d love to read Alice In Wonderland with Mia but she much prefers My Little Pony and Cinderella. No matter what their interests, embrace it and work around it.

Make use of your library.

Discovering your child’s reading interests can be pricey, taking them to your local library is a great way to offer them a range of stories without the cost.

Make it special. 

Nothing beats a good book, a warm blanket and some one on one time with your child. Turn off any distractions such as the television and make it all about you, your child, and the story.

Do you have any extra tips for introducing your child to books? Feel free to comment below.



  1. Rachael Seddon 1st March 2017 / 9:08 pm

    Great to hear from another mum who is a fan of reading. I make reading part of my sons routine and we read to him every night before bed. I am also an Usborne books organiser so get lots of free books for him x.

  2. Mel 2nd March 2017 / 11:37 am

    Great tips sweetie. My 4 love books as well. I completely agree with everything you’ve said, and making sure we always give them the choice is great as it will build their confidence, and give them a love for reading. My girls always ask me for The Book with No Pictures and they love it! Your site looks gorgeous, love the new look!

  3. Amy Stainthorpe 6th March 2017 / 9:37 am

    Great tips and I agree that it’s so important to get your kids interested in reading and I think most kids learn to love books even if they don’t instantly love them. Both of my children have mid sleeper beds so I’ve created reading corners underneath. Box of books using a cardboard treasure chest from TK Maxx, a bean bag and a lamp. They love it x

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