Life Without Sugar – One Week On.

Well, it’s been one week since I received the phone-call that would pave the way to my new lifestyle. A lifestyle that is poles apart from what I have known for over a decade. To say it’s been hard would be an understatement…

Seven days ago I drank my last full sugar fizzy drink and I skipped breakfast for the last time. For the past week I’ve been eating and drinking, thinking and behaving in an entirely different way than I ever have…

My sugar free diet.

Before I lived on Mountain Dew, takeaway kebab and curries and chocolate. My sugar intake is now 90% lower, I’ve had the odd Kinder Egg or GU pudding but that is it. I’ve eaten spinach, sweet potato and mushrooms among-st other nutritious fruit and veg. I’ve eaten plenty of red meat and tried my hardest to balance my meals every day.

I never realised how much the sugar was affecting my taste-buds, flavours were something of the past, and I couldn’t stand the taste of beverages such as orange and apple juice. Now I’m finally starting to experience flavor again, its amazing.

Mental health.

I had never linked my poor diet to my poor mental health, I’d read that the two go hand in hand but I was in denial. Although my mental health issues are deep-rooted and moderate/severe I, and others, have noticed that I am much more rational and calm without sugar. My thoughts aren’t quite so jumbled and my mind doesn’t race as much.

Physical health and appearance.

You can always trust a best friend to be brutal can’t you?

Within days of quitting sugar and eating properly I was told ‘you don’t look half dead any more’. Apparently my skin tone was somewhat grey previously, whereas now friends are regularly commenting that my skin is glowing. It’s also no longer bone dry and rough to touch, the natural oils in my skin are balancing out and making it look and feel better.

I’ve also felt a difference in my weight, I’m yet to brave the scales but without the constant bloat that comes with carbonated drinks my clothes are feeling looser and my confidence is improving each day.

I’m yet to notice a difference in my energy levels. I’m still suffering from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and nausea. A few days ago I slept for 16 hours straight and couldn’t be woken, I think my body had finally relaxed! I’m hoping that as the weeks go by I no longer find myself ready for a nap by midday.

Check back next week for the next update on my sugar-free adventure. I’m only at the starting line… and I’m determined to reach the finish.


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