Love Your Mouth Challenge.

img_1342The importance of dental health is mentioned everywhere, from adverts on television and radio to posters in shopping centres, there is no avoiding the fact that good dental health is vital. I am the first to admit that during my teenage years I neglected my teeth and have been dealing with the consequences ever since, so I am determined that my children will not follow in my footsteps.

For us it isn’t brushing our teeth that is the problem, it’s the time spent on brushing that has me bickering with the children and the power to turn the morning school run and bedtime into a nightmare.

The team at Pegasus invited me to take part in their ‘Love Your Mouth’ challenge – this began with completing an online mouth check which upon completion suggested which products should be used. I completed the mouth check on behalf of my children and the product that was recommended for both the children was Aquafresh Little Teeth 3-5 years. We were kindly sent two tubes of the recommended toothpaste and a sand timer to help the children understand when to stop brushing.

It is important for all children to brush their teeth thoroughly twice a day, even more so for children who take multiple medication’s daily like Theo. I recently published a guest post by Kate Henaghan-Sykes about the hidden dangers of asthma/allergy medication and the damage said medication’s did to her daughter Ellie’s teeth.

Who knew something as simple as a sand timer would be the answer to my prayers? Suddenly tooth brushing wasn’t a chore, it was exciting! Both the children do a little jig whilst brushing and do not stop until the time is up, of course I always ensure I brush all the nook’s and cranny’s for them, but tooth brushing time is now a breeze!

Ensuring your child has a good understanding of the importance of dental health is vital from a young age, poor care of teeth can lead to a multitude of issues later on in childhood/adulthood including tooth loss and gum disease.

Follow the link above to take the mouth check for yourself and find out which product’s are recommended for you.

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