You’re So Much More Than A Mum.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Mum. I love having a purpose, I love being depended on, I love the smiles and giggles and the endless love. I wouldn’t change being a mother for the world. Until recently, I lived and breathed my children. I didn’t think twice about myself, everything was about them. They had to have the best, they had to be happy, and I let myself fall by the wayside.

Life as a Mum is amazing, but now I realize that I’m not just Chloe the Mum, I’m Chloe the person. I’m Chloe the daughter, the sister, the granddaughter. Chloe the friend, the confidante. I’m not just a Mum, I’m Chloe the self-employed, Chloe the confident, Chloe the determined.

Your probably reading this whilst surrounded by piles of washing, trying to tick just one thing off the endless to-do list… we all do it, it’s what we signed up for!

Just please, always remember…

Your more than dirty washing and slaving over a hot oven. Your beautiful, inside and out. You are capable of fulfilling your dreams, you’ve gone through childbirth, you can do anything with enough determination!

All the little things you do mean so much to those little people, you are the reason for their joy. Being a Mum means that you are someone’s whole world.

When it all gets too much, remember that.

You are so much more than a Mum, your you,

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  1. Heather 27th March 2017 / 11:40 pm

    Beautiful post Chloe!

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