A New Career Path With NCC Home Learning.

When you have a child at a young age, education often takes a back seat.

This was certainly the case when Mia came along. I became consumed in caring for her every need, for a long time I didn’t think about what direction my life was going in separate to being a mother.

Before I had Mia I wanted to study psychology, hopefully get myself a degree and work with teenagers with ongoing mental health issues. As Mia grew, I realised what I really wanted to do was work with younger children.

I love watching children grow and develop, I find watching them learn new skills fascinating. So when NCC Home Learning got in touch offering me the chance to study towards a teaching assistant diploma I grabbed the opportunity with both hands!

Self care isn’t always about pamper sessions and shopping, it’s about pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your aspirations.

Enrolling on the teaching assistant diploma course was my chance to do something for me – a slightly less indulgent but nonetheless vital step forward.

The diploma is made up of 5 mandatory modules and 4 optional modules, of which you choose two to study.

The modules cover a wide range of topics regarding children’s learning and development, including supporting a child with disabilities or special educational needs.

The best bit is that the entire course is online, even the exam! This means I can work studying around existing work and the children, it’s pressure free and 100% flexible.

I’m a few modules in now and thoroughly enjoying working towards something I’m really passionate about.

Do you desire something more from life?

NCC Home Learning provide a wide range of courses in a variety of sectors including healthcare, business and sciences. There are no age limits and your sure to find something to suit your needs and coincide with existing qualifications. Head over to the NCC Home Learning website to find out more, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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A New Career Path With NCC Home Learning Adult Education

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