Potty Training – An Update!

potty2Becoming a parent mean’s getting proud over things that any non-parents would think are totally weird. Even the silliest of things fill you with pride. So you can only imagine how I felt on Saturday when Theo woke up and declared that he no longer wanted nappies!

For Theo, potty training was always going to be tricky. Number 1’s, no problem. But if you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll know Theo has a few tummy and bowel related health issues that mean number 2’s can be somewhat varied. Top that with ongoing sensory issues and I knew it could be a rough ride.

Its been six days now since we went nappy free during the day and from the off Theo took himself up to the toilet and did his business with no issues – who knew a little wee could be so exciting for a 3 year old? Over the weekend we only had a handful of accidents and I couldn’t quite believe it. A new week began and I sent him off to nursery on Monday with a bag loaded with little pants, Dry Like Me pads and plenty of spare trousers, I had no expectations of him, at nursery he is surrounded by his friends and I knew he would forget himself once or twice.

When I collected him on Monday I was informed he’d only had one accident, ONE! I could have burst! The same happened on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I was told he had not had a single accident, not a single one, so of course we went straight to the supermarket and got him a transformer toy.

He really has done so well with number 1’s and I can’t help but keep squeezing him and kissing his little face, not quite my baby boy anymore! Number 2’s have been, well, eventful. We’ve had quite a few incident’s of messing but this can obviously not be helped, and he has done one or two on the toilet which have been met with great praise and cuddles.

I’ve always been a firm  believer that children will do things when they are ready, I haven’t forced potty training on either of my children and they have both done it in their own time.

Coming next in the potty training series – ‘Potty training – the good, the bad, and the ugly.’

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