Walk It Off! How I Turn #TearsIntoSmiles With Elastoplast & Britmums.

My kids love the outdoors but you can pretty much guarantee whether they are walking, running, scooting or rolling one or both nearly always ends up with a grazed knee or a sore elbow. I let my kids be just that, kids, and if that means getting muddy or nursing a bump or a bruise then so be it – at least they are having fun!

Outdoor play is hugely important – when I younger I spent most of my time playing at the park or making daisy chains with friends.

Fresh air and natures finest trees to hide in are the perfect way to spend a warm spring day. My two love nothing more than open space that allows their imaginations to run wild. I always make sure I have plenty of antiseptic wipes and plasters in my bag, just in case.

This may sound a little unsympathetic, but I’ve grown quite accustomed to the ‘walk it off’ phrase, over the years I’ve found pandering to them often means the upset lets longer.  Getting straight back to what they were doing is the perfect way to forget all about it!

Of course they always get a cuddle and a kiss, a magic rub and a funky plaster, if Mia had her way she’d be waited on hand and foot for a good week after stubbing her toe so ‘walking it off’ nips that in the bud… most of the time!

I think that’s the trick of it with kids, deal with it and move on as quickly as possible. Always focus on the positive rather than the negative, I’m often heard saying ‘well at least it’s still attached!’.

Every time I see one of my two take a tumble I always panic and rush over, but I don’t show my fear. If your child see’s that you are scared, they will be scared too!

Go on, get outside and enjoy everything spring has to offer. Just make sure your prepared!

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk



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Turning #TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast & Britmums

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