Dairy Allergy Be Gone!

This is a post I thought I’d never write… After many years of strict food control, allergen avoidance and endless scares and upset, Theo is tolerating dairy! Yes, you read that right. DAIRY.  The very same dairy that has seen him hospitalised more times than I can count, and has… View Post

Cienta Kids UK Review.

The kid’s are back at school and the autumnal rain shower’s have graced us with their presence once again. I’m slowly but surely swapping t-shirt’s and shorts with jumpers and leggings. I hate saying goodbye to Mia’s pretty summer frocks for another year, and there is a particular staple of… View Post

When Anxiety Rules…

I wake up anxious. I go to bed anxious. Every day is spent trying to be one step ahead, trying to avoid tears and tantrums. I often feel that despite appearing calm, I’m actually ferociously dreading water in an attempt to stay afloat. Before I even leave the house my mind… View Post