Conquering Caffeine Addiction With Hypnosis Ninja.

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It’s no secret that I have a sugar and caffeine addiction.

Recently I’ve been documenting my sugar-free journey here on the blog, see ‘The Day I Realised Sugar Had Taken Over My Life’ to find out where it all began…

Lately I have been struggling with curbing the sugar. I need to get myself back into the mental state to cut down again – easier said than done!

Sugary drinks such as Coca Cola are also packed with caffeine – which I rely on hugely throughout the day. Without caffeine I don’t think I’d get to midday without falling asleep.

Just 100mg of caffeine a day (one cup of coffee) can cause a physical dependence which could cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea and a depressed mood upon withdrawal (s).

If I’m honest, I don’t tend to calculate how many mg’s of caffeine I am consuming but I’ll hazard a guess at between 500-600mg’s a day.

More than enough to cause a caffeine addiction.

Recently Hypnosis Ninja contacted me to ask if I’d like to try one of their sessions. Hypnosis Ninja offer a variety of sessions aimed at health issues such as sleep, fears & phobias and addictions.

Intrigued, I agreed to try the caffeine addiction session – what did I have to lose?

I’ve always been a sceptic when it come’s to hypnosis but I’ve recently been using app’s such as Headspace to aid relaxation with great success. I was hopeful that the short therapy session from Hypnosis Ninja would have a similar effect.

Hypnosis Ninja sessions are around 20 minutes long and really easy to download onto any device.

One evening when the children were asleep, I popped my headphones in, turned off the lights and allowed myself time to fully engage with the session.

I found the caffeine addiction session incredibly relaxing. The session focuses mainly on adapting to the choices we make to look after our mind and body.

If you are already trying to make positive lifestyle changes, the Hypnosis Ninja caffeine addiction session is a great tool. It provides a gentle reminder as to why you are attempting such changes and focuses the mind onto the task at hand.

In my opinion, the Hypnosis Ninja therapy sessions need to be listened to repeatedly in order to begin aiding recovery.

I will continue to use the therapy session as I continue to move towards improved mental and physical health.

Try out Hypnosis Ninja for yourself and let me know how the sessions helped you below!

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