Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants Review – Quality Without The Cost.


A lovely little package, finished beautifully with pretty string and a personalised gift tag. Before I’d even opened up the box I was taken with  Bambino Mio products. Producers of multi award-winning reusable nappies and so many other high quality goods, Bambino Mio is the go-to brand if you’re looking for eco friendly products that won’t break the bank.

Both my babies were in disposable nappies from birth – a decision I now regret. Many are put off by the cleaning process of reusable nappies, but the positives hugely outweigh the negatives. Yes, disposable nappies are convenient, but they are incredibly bad for the environment and packed full of odour reducing, moisture absorbing chemicals.  Bambino Mio reusable nappies and pants are made using a cotton blend that is kind to delicate skin and absorbent.


As documented previously, we’ve embarked on Theo’s potty training journey over the past few months. Potty training is something we have attempted several times, but his numerous bowel related health issues have made things somewhat difficult. I’m pleased to report Theo is now fully potty trained and the sense of independence this has given him is wonderful!

Most will know that Theo also suffers from eczema, his delicate skin needs to be able to breathe whilst also being clothed in kind to skin fabric that won’t cause him to flare. We were very kindly sent a pair of Bambino Mio‘s  potty training pants in some incredibly eye-catching designs, outer space and blue. Bambino Mio potty training pants are available in 18-24 months right up to 3+ years, whenever your child is ready, so are they.

‘Rocket pants’ fast became the first demand of the morning, and I was happy to oblige. These potty training pants are super soft and an incredible fit, soaking up any tiny accidents without causing irritation.

I often find that after a few washes, most items lose that soft sparkle. Not Bambino Mio products – our potty training pants have been washed more times than I care to imagine yet the quality is still outstanding.

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The team at Bambino Mio very kindly sent me the products mentioned in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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