Breathease Multi Purpose Cleaner.

One of Theo’s biggest asthma triggers is potent products such as kitchen and bathroom cleaner, which do the job well, but are full of harsh chemicals that hang in the air long after the housework is done.

I’d been looking for more asthma/allergy friendly ways to clean the house for quite a while and had somewhat given up the search until I was contacted by Breathease on Twitter and asked if I would like to try their multi purpose cleaner.

Breathease products are accredited by Asthma UK – support that speaks volumes about the benefits of using these products.

I couldn’t wait to try out the multi purpose cleaner on my kitchen during my next big weekly clean, I don’t know whether its motherhood or being a proper adult that has done it to me but I seriously LOVE new cleaning products and house goodies. My biggest fear with this product is that it wouldn’t have the grease busting cleaning power that my usual branded products did, I had visions of scrubbing twice as hard for twice as long.

I needn’t have been concerned, the Breathease multi purpose cleaner eliminated the sticky fingers from the dinner table, the mug stains from the worktop and even the dried on felt tip on the laminate flooring with no real scrubbing required.

I think my favourite thing about this product was the smell, a gorgeous citrusy lemon fragrance that lasted for hours after the cleaning was done. The lingering smell is what sets Theo’s chest off, but the usual coughing and spluttering barely occurred whilst or immediately after I cleaned. I don’t have any respiratory issues but I definitely noticed a difference in myself as well as Theo.

If you or a member of your household suffers with asthma/allergies I would really consider trying the Breathease range to see if it makes a difference to you. I will be placing an order for one of each of their products soon – now I can clean to my hearts content without little man suffering!


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