Fisher-Price Froggy Potty Review.

img_1491If you’ve been following our potty training journey you’ll know that Theo is coming on leaps and bounds in his quest to be dry during the day. In his little world, there is currently nothing more exciting than using the big boy toilet so you can only imagine the look of joy on his face when we received a wonderful Froggy potty from Fisher-Price last week!

A combination of constant loose bowels and having to make it up a flight of stairs to do his business meant that accident’s were still a frequent occurrence, that was of course until we received the Froggy potty. The eye catching potty has been kept downstairs for the times when he can’t quite make it upstairs and has proven to be exactly what was required to stop the accidents. He absolutely loves it, its fun design is perfect for children of his age.

img_1506It’s not just Theo that loves his new potty – Mummy does too! It’s compact design mean’s it can be stored away easily but it is not so small that he will be to big for it in a few months. The potty has a removable bucket with handles either side to make emptying easy, the potty also has a splash guard – perfect for little boy’s in particular!

I would recommend this potty for those potty training a little later in their toddler years or for tall children. This potty is a must have for parent’s of excitable little boy’s – a quirky necessity for your potty training journey!

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