Hairburst Vitamins For Hair Review.

Postpartum hair loss is something most of us have suffered with after the birth of our children, after child birth our estrogen levels drop and more hair follicles than usual enter the resting stage, meaning we find far more hair in our brushes than in our pre baby days.

My youngest is nearly four years old and my hair is yet to recover from postpartum hair loss, those short fluffy bits are pretty annoying aren’t they? I find myself cleaning my hairbrush several times a week, I was sure that I was stuck in a hair loss rut until Hairburst contacted me about the range of products they offer.

Hairburst offer a range of products that contribute to hair health, very kindly, they sent me HAIRBURST TM Pregnancy Vitamins for Hair Growth – One Month Supply – 60 Capsules – Faster Hair Growth and Money Back Guarantee. This is just one of many products from Hairburst, further products can be found here.

I’ll admit, I was rather dubious about this product, after 4 years I’d resigned myself to the fact that my hair would always be brittle and weak, but anything is worth a try to I began taking a vitamin a day as soon as the product arrived. The vitamins are gluten-free and do not contain milk, lactose, flavours, sweeteners, starch, wheat, yeast or porcine. Zinc, biotin, selenium, vitamins and minerals are just some of the ingredients proven to contribute to hair growth.

Hairburst For New Mums are recommended for those who want stronger and longer hair with improved elasticity and better overall hair health.

I’ve been taking HAIRBURST TM Pregnancy Vitamins for Hair Growth – One Month Supply – 60 Capsules – Faster Hair Growth and Money Back Guarantee for six weeks now and I’ve noticed a few differences in my hair, first of all it copes far better with being tied up for long periods, it also withstands direct heat better and my once short and annoying pieces of fringe are beginning to grow longer than a few inches.

I hope to continue taking Hairburst vitamins to see prolonged improvement in my hair health.

Are you suffering with postpartum hair loss? Try Hairburst for yourself!

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Hairburst Vitamins For Hair Review

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  1. Mel 8th April 2017 / 12:12 am

    I’m not sure I suffer from postpartum hair loss, but my hair is certainly thin and I don’t have much of it. Sounds like the vitamins have really helped your hair (which looks gorgeous anyway!). Love the look of your newsletter honey!

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