Kokoso Baby.

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As a mum of a child with eczema, I am regularly recommended products to try and help soothe Theo’s skin. So when I came across Kokoso Baby online, I was very interested. One thing that sells a product for me is testimonials from other mother’s, especially those who have children with eczema. I did my research, read lots of reviews and decided to give it a try, after all, what did we have to lose?

Kokoso Baby is 100% natural and organic coconut oil and is dermatologically tested. It is also very reasonably priced in comparison to other similar products on the market, a 168g tub in Boots is just £7.99. Smaller tubs are available direct from Kokoso. After a successful patch test, I gave Theo his usual bath. Afterwards I applied Kokoso to Theo’s legs, arms, back and face. The oil is solid, but melts in your hands, this makes it really easy to apply. The lovely thing about Kokoso is that despite it being an oil, it does not leave my hands feeling greasy and didn’t leave Theo’s skin feeling greasy either. A non greasy, gorgeous smelling little boy who is coated in 100% natural product… what more could I ask for?

Unlike most eczema creams, Kokoso did not cause any irritation, it was beautifully absorbed into his skin and allowed him to carry on playing as he was. The next morning Theo’s face appeared less inflamed, the skin on his arms and legs were smoother and he seemed comfy in his own skin – a rarity. I would definitely recommend this product to parents of children with skin conditions, for those with mild to moderate eczema it will work brilliantly, and for those who suffer with severe eczema like Theo, it will help sooth the itch and reduce the inflammation.

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