Little Cooks Co Review – Getting Kids In The Kitchen.

Recently I started a new blog series – getting kids in the kitchen – focusing on making food fun for little ones. I shared a delicious recipe with you all, my honey baked chicken, and you absolutely loved it! You can find it here.

Over the past week or so we’ve been making use of our Little Cooks Co recipe box. Little Cooks Co provide all you need to get your children in the kitchen including recipes, measuring spoons, even an apron and a badge! All recipes are super healthy and easy to make – both vital when baking with/for children.

Little Cooks Co‘s hope is that our boxes will help a generation of children to lead healthier, happier lives by teaching them to enjoy cooking and eating healthy food from a young age.

We thoroughly enjoyed making and eating all the recipes provided in our box, especially the super tasty rainbow pizza! Mia is a huge fruit and veg fan so this was her idea of heaven – having her own apron and measuring spoons really made her feel grown up or in her words ‘just like Mummy’. It was lovely to see her face light up when she tasted her creation.

Do you want to get your kids more involved in cooking? Little Cooks Co is a great place to begin – check out what they have to offer over on their website.

Next week I’ll be bringing you another fab recipe – keep your eyes peeled, you may even catch a glimpse of more of our Little Cooks Co goodies!

Little Cooks Co Review Getting Kids In The Kitchen


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