Mindful Chef Review – Healthy Meals Without The Hassle.

mindfulchefNormally the food that is delivered to my door is of the Indian variety or a grease laden burger with chips. But not this time, this time the meal delivered to my door was a box containing everything I needed to cook a fresh, healthy meal including step by step instructions.

Mindful Chef is a small business based in Devon, who have delivered to thousands of happy customers across the country. In their first year, Mindful Chef was ranked as the UK’s favourite recipe box company as voted for by the public via Trustpilot. Mindful Chef aim to help you lead a healthier life by reducing your intake of gluten, refined carbohydrates and refined sugars. Mindful Chef meals never include bread, pasta or rice and are always 100% gluten free.

The team at Mindful Chef very kindly sent us a box containing everything we needed to make two delicious meals. one pork dish and one vegan dish. Unfortunately due to the changing weather conditions some of the ingredients for the vegan dish were past their best therefore I was unable to make that particular meal. I did however make the pork dish – a yummy meal consisting of organic pork fillet and butter beans with a side of sweet potato fries. The step by step recipe card was so easy to follow and within an hour I had concocted a meal suitable for all of Theo’s dietary requirements with little effort made. Not only did it look amazing, it also smelt amazing.

The dish received heaps of praise from both the children, and I could rest easy knowing that their meal was made with fresh, healthy ingredients and would keep their little tummies full far longer than any processed rubbish ever would.

If your lifestyle is hectic, but you want to serve up proper food without the hassle of the supermarket then check out Mindful Chef. Prices start at just £6 per meal and each week there are 8 different dishes to choose from.

Head to mindfulchef.com today and try healthy convenience for yourself!

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