Moo Free Review.

moooooProducts that are both free from and child friendly are few and far between, something that has annoyed me since we began our allergy journey! There is a huge gap in the free from market for fun, exciting treat’s for children. That gap is ever so slightly filled by the fabulous Moo Free.

Moo Free Chocolates is a word leading producer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan chocolates. Made with rice milk, Moo Free chocolate is wheat free, gluten free, lactose free, casein free, soya free and wrapped in eye-catching environmentally friendly packaging.

The lovely people at Moo Free very kindly sent Theo a packet of their recently re-launched choccy drops and a mixture of bars including their delicious bunny-comb and mint flavours.

We have always loved the choccy drops and were devastated when, due to a manufacturing problem, they disappeared from the shelves. Little man was so happy to have ‘buttons’ again just like his big sister. The mint flavoured bar always reminds me of after eight’s but with a subtler flavour, definitely my favourite! Theo’s favourite is most definitely the bunny-comb bars – he obviously take’s after me as crunchies are my weakness.

If your looking for fun tasty treats for a child with allergies, look no further than Moo Free.

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