Neutral 0% For Sensitive Skin – High Intensity Bodycare – Review.

Neutral 0% For Sensitive Skin – High Intensity Bodycare – Review.

Neutral 0% is a leading Nordic brand for sensitive skin with a range of products across skin, face, baby and household (detergent, washing powder). The range contains 0% unnecessary ingredients such as perfumes, parabens or colourants. It’s been a favourite in Scandinavia for over 25 years and the Danish brand has recently launched in the UK market.

Recently I was contacted by Neutral 0% and offered a very exciting opportunity, I jumped at the chance to try out some of the fabulous Neutral 0% range and received a package containing Neutral fabric conditioner, Neutral colour wash detergent and Neutral shower gel.

As a household we do a lot of laundry, between paints, felt tips and ketchup dribble our washing machine is put too good use daily, sometimes even twice daily! I couldn’t wait to try out the laundry products and see how they matched up to my usual branded detergent and conditioner.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that Theo suffers from moderate/severe eczema, meaning I have to be incredibly careful of the products I use within the home, especially when it comes to washing. Using new products is always nerve-wracking but I’m pleased to confirm he suffered no adverse reactions from the change in laundry product, in fact his clothing irritated him less as Neutral colour wash detergent and conditioner are not infused with perfumes and colourants.

Getting marks out of the children’s clothing can be quite a battle, my concern with using a product free from stain busting chemicals was that I’d be scrubbing away at collars and sleeves even after a run through the machine. I found myself pleasantly surprised to find that my laundry washed just as well with Neutral’s products as it has done with branded products previously.

In recent month’s we’ve seen a huge shift in balance within the home which has caused me to suffer with mild eczema on my arms and feet, my usual shower/bath products had gone from being luxurious to laborious leaving me irritated and sore, so when I discovered Neutral’s shower gel I hoped this would be the product that took away the itch.

Neutral shower gel really is up there with the luxurious shower/bath products we see advertised, just a little moisture transforms the gel into a luxurious lather. I’m a sucker for a bath scent and truly believed I’d miss the aroma of other branded bath/shower products but Neutral shower gel left me feeling squeaky clean and I haven’t found myself scratching away at my skin afterwards despite frequent use.

The Neutral 0% range is specially developed for sensitive skin and is endorsed by the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, you can receive free shipping on your first order using the code FSNC, shop the full range here.

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This post is sponsored by Neutral 0% in return for an honest review of my experience.

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