Nom Nom Kids Food Pouches Review.



Nom Nom Kids food pouches – the reusable pouches beneficial for both parents and children.

We are always trying to find ways to get our children to eat more fruit and veg, ,my eldest is a massive fruit lover and will try to usually love any fruit you put in front of her. My youngest on the other hand will entertain apples and occasionally pears and that’s about it. I feel that children getting their 5 a day is really important and when I came across a branded product of fruit puree in pouches I decided to give them a try.

To my surprise, both children loved slurping the puree out of the pouches and both asked for more. I was happy to oblige but concerned by the sugar levels. It was then I decided to make my own fruit puree from home, so I knew exactly what my children were eating, I came across Nom Nom Kids pouches, available on amazon at £10.95 for a pack of 4 pouches or from the Nom Nom Kids website.

The pouches have a side opening for easy filling, emptying, and cleaning. As well as a clear window to show maximum fill level. The pouches come with 4 easy to use lids. They also have a really fun child friendly design.I pureed up some cherries, strawberries, apples and chia seeds and filled two pouches with the mixture and chilled them till the morning ready to accompany crumpets for the children’s breakfast.

I simply opened up the side opening and poured in the puree straight from the blender, the pouch held its shape well whilst being filled and was just as easy to close as it was to open. So far so good, I was really pleased with how easy it had been to create a super healthy snack that (hopefully) my children, especially my son, wouldn’t refuse.
Breakfast was served, the children’s eyes were instantly caught by the design on the pouches and both said ‘oh wow’. The puree’s were in their tummies within minutes and to my surprise my son said ‘more! more!’.
Then came the biggest test in my eyes, washing up. Nobody likes washing up at the best of times let alone when its something difficult and hard to clean thoroughly. But these were a dream, I soaked them in warm soapy water and with a few quick wipes of the inside and a few flushes of water through the spout, the pouches were clean and ready to be used again!I would recommend these pouches to anyone, whether it be parents who are weaning their babies, parents with children who are fussy eaters, or parents simply looking to make breakfast/lunch a little bit more fun.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy for all.

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