Spin Master Bunchems Review.

Spin Master Bunchems Review.

I have two very imaginative children, they love make-believe and creating! My biggest, Mia, loves nothing more than drawing and coloring. I’ve seen Spin Master Bunchems advertised everywhere and had always thought they’d be lots of fun, but had never got round to purchasing a set, so when the opportunity arose to review a bundle of Bunchems I jumped at the chance!

Our bundle included the Bunchems mega pack and a box of glow in the dark Bunchems. In this case, the best things don’t come in small packages. The boxes we received were far bigger than I had anticipated! Jam packed with Bunchems in a bright and bold colors and a variety of accessories to add to Bunchems masterpieces – you really get your moneys worth here.

As soon as the children walked through the door they spotted the boxes on the table and within seconds the contents were being emptied all over my living room floor – they were so excited!

Can you believe I got a whole hour of peace and quiet?! I had a hot cup of tea and everything!

I think the beauty of Spin Master Bunchems is that you can work as a team or go solo – Mia and Theo started by making a pyramid together, then an owl, but then they had a dispute over what to make next… (princess castle or plane… the struggle is real). After a little refereeing they set about creating alone.

The possibilities are endless. The colour and feel of the Bunchems really engage the senses and capture the minds of children of all ages – the only problem we faced was Theo deciding to make flowers in Mia’s hair and I spend 30 minutes getting them out again!

I’d recommend Bunchems to any parents of children age 10 or below – our’s have been played with every day and both children have asked for more sets on their birthday lists.

Bunchems are available from most high street toy retailers.

Bunchems Review

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