Long Distance Travel Kids Giveaway

Travelling with kids can be amazing, but it can also be horrendous!There’s the packing, then the in-car entertainment, the list is endless. I’ve teamed up with Destination2 to bring you my top tips for travelling long distance with kids.

  • Entertainment is key – be it games, in-car movies or sing-a-long’s, keeping mind’s active is important.
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks – hungry children make grumpy children, and there’s nothing worse than grumpy children when your stuck on the motorway.
  • Plan your route – make sure you know where and when you’ll stop for toilet breaks and fresh air.

Despite not yet taking my children abroad, I do have experience in long distance travel with kids. I used to travel to Wales via coach with my then 8 month old daughter. The journey took around 7 hours and at times could be an absolute nightmare!

Planning to travel with your little ones this summer? Well we have a gorgeous giveaway to put a smile on Mummy’s face amidst the chaos.

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