Money Saving Tips

Following a free from diet needn’t break the bank! The price of free from food can be astonishing, and when your just beginning your free from journey it’s easy to panic about how you’ll manage financially, but these 5 simple tips should help you to make the most of a difficult situation.

Make the most of what you CAN eat. 

Don’t focus on what you need to exclude from your diet, focus on the food groups you still have available. Even the most simple of ingredients can be delicious with a little know how and patience. Check out my nacho chicken and sweet potato chocolate brownie recipes for inspiration.

Batch cook and freeze.

Cooking from scratch is the easiest and safest way to cook when your following a free from diet, but that doesn’t mean you need to stand over the oven every evening. Develop meals you love and make double, freeze half, and you’ve saved yourself time and money for later weeks.

Simplicity is key.

Taste doesn’t need to be technical. Simple meals will have less of a strain on your budget and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. I mostly base Theo’s meals around protein, carbohydrates and fruit/veg, for example – chicken with sweet potato mash and broccoli. With the right seasoning simple meals can still be delicious.

Bulk purchase.

Take advantage of supermarket offers. If something is half price, purchase two, that way you aren’t spending any more than you usually would and you have double the product! Amazon is great for bulk buying free from milk alternatives or allergy friendly non perishables.

Contact brands.

Contact your favorite free from brands explaining your allergies and love for their product and you never know what they’ll come back to you with. I’ve received vouchers in the past for money off free from bread and breakfast products. Every little helps!

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