#FreeFromHalloween 3 Freakishly Fantastic Drinks Recipes For Kids

How on earth is it October already?

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder – I can’t believe it will soon be Christmas!

But first… Halloween! It’s not something we really ‘celebrate’ here but now the kids are a little older I try to do plenty of Halloween themed craft with them and we trick or treat at our family members houses.

Last month the Free From Gang’s concocted some fantastic #FreeFromHarvest recipes (see my #FreeFromHarvest recipe here). This month we are bringing you some super spooky #FreeFromHalloween treats, such as Nathalie’s (Intolerant Gourmand) vegan and gluten-free Halloween cookies.

Below are not one, not two, but THREE simple but delicious beverage recipes for kids of all ages.

First up… my witches brew! This is free from the top 14 allergens.

You will need – 

250ml orange juice.
500ml sugar-free sparkling lemon and lime flavoured water.
A few drops of orange food colouring to make the colours pop!

Simply combine all the ingredients together and serve over ice.

Then there’s my monster mash smoothie. This is also free from the top 14 allergens and perfect for sneaking in goodness!

You will need –

300ml tropical juice.
200ml orange juice.
A handful of spinach.
1 banana.
A dash of green food colouring.

Pop all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Perfect for a spooky breakfast.

And finally, for the really little ones, a ghoulish milky treat!

You will need –

250ml milk (we use dairy but this will work with all milk alternatives).
Edible eyes! (available in most supermarkets at this time of year).

Pour the milk into a chilled glass and top with squirty cream before adding some edible eyes.

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